Less than 60 hours until we kick off!

The Winder Binder staff are a bunch of busy bees, getting everything ready for the kick off to Faux Bridges on Friday with the Cadillac Dave book signing.

The art festival portion of Faux Bridges is not only sold out, but we have a waiting list!

We are currently trying to arrange the lot to allow one or two more artists in.  We should know something before the end of the day, at which point we will have an official announcement and participant list.  We can already say this, it is a great line-up.

And did we mention the weather forecast is near perfect for this weekend?

UPDATE,  Artist List (with possible more to follow):

Stephen Graham (Nashville), Patricia Davis, Nicole Griffin, Deb Prater, Mont Overton (Georgia), Shawn Bungo (Florida), Jennifer Float (Ohio), Christina Glidden, Jeff Hiatt, Rebecca Hiatt, April Ann Kay (Georgia), Mark Leamon, Jacquie Williamson, David Allison, Silver Talisman (Georgia), Gary Keeble (Georgia), Marian Heintz, Julie Jones, Whitney Nave Jones, Rainbow Dragon.



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