And we are underway!

WOW…if out Friday night book signing with John Wheeler, Jr is any indication of how this year’s Faux Bridges is going to go…it is going to be a phenomenal weekend!

“Cadillac Dave” thrilled the fans and we had our best book signing so far this year.

About a 1/3 of the arists already have their tents up in the lot, we’ll be loading in bright and early and will officially get underway at Noon (though for you early birds, most of the vendors will be set up by 11am).  Come on down, the weather will be perfect and we have a lot of great artwork.

Friday April 13th
Book signing for Cadillac Dave by author “Dave Jackson” (John Wheeler)

Saturday April 14th
Faux Bridges Art Festival Day One

Saturday April 14th
The Shaking Ray Levi Society Presents:
4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra

Sunday April 15th
Faux Bridges Art Festival Day Two

Sunday April 15th
Southern Light and Friends

Check out our Facebook event page for more information.


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