Friday Events

Book signing and Reception for John Wheeler, Jr.
FRIDAY NIGHT — APRIL 13TH — 7:00-9:00pm

The featured author for the 2012 Faux Bridges Art and Literature Festival is “Alias” Dave Jackson, whose controversial recently released true-life stories about the 1970s youth counterculture have attracted regional attention because of their historical connection to Chattanooga.

The gripping first-person narrative, entitled The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave: True Confessions of a Drug Kingpin, takes the reader on a guided tour inside the real underground of drugs, sex and rock’n’roll – where you will encounter rock stars and groupies, dealers and bikers, hookers and pimps, smugglers and lawyers, hot Playboy Bunnies and cold-blooded killers, crooked cops and honest criminals.

The four-volume series also provides a much-needed counterbalance to the false propaganda surrounding the failed War on Drugs, as well as giving some unique insights into the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The events described in The Chronicles of Cadillac Dave occurred 30 to 40 or more years ago. Dave Jackson, one of many “Alias” names used by the Author in those distant days past, has been resurrected as a pen name today.

The following description is taken directly from the Cadillac Dave webpage,

Who is Cadillac Dave?

He went from a newly turned-on college hippie just looking to get high and get laid to an escaped fugitive desperado and drug kingpin. As his life in the fast lane picked up pace, Dave raced through a series of sleek cars, beautiful women and potentially deadly encounters with some of the most dangerous men in the Western Hemisphere. He moved into a brutal world of deception, danger and death, very different from the peace, love and brotherhood he initially envisioned.

This true-life American saga gives an unvarnished view inside the youth counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, from dropout beatnik poets and peace-child folk singers to the hardcore SDS student radicals driving the antiwar movement, and then moving on to fugitive marijuana smuggling on the Mexican border and later to high-level cocaine dealing in Miami and Atlanta . . . With stops along the way in mansions, brothels, prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

This was his life. This is his true story. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent — and the guilty. But the names of the many famous and/or notorious personalities who touched Dave’s life along the way have been left unchanged.

DISCLAIMER: This controversial narrative is not for the faint of heart. It contains frank depictions of sex, drugs and violence. Those offended by confronting such human reality should not read this book.

In real life, the main character called Cadillac Dave was actually John Wheeler Jr., the son of a well-respected Chattanooga attorney. But John ran afoul of the law as a rebellious teenager and his extralegal escapades over a 15-year counterculture career rendered him notorious. Today John is an ordained Christian minister whose dramatic conversion in 1981 was completely unexpected and to many unbelievable. That life-changing experience, together with its miraculous aftermath, forms the climax of Volume 4.

Over the next 30 years, John went on to study the Bible extensively and to earn degrees from two Christian institutions, as well as preaching in prisons and teaching in churches. He was the Editor of Pat Robertson’s national newspaper Christian American during the glory days of the Christian Coalition in the 1990s. After that John served as Executive Director of Citizens for Honest Government, the watchdog organization that produced The Clinton Chronicles and other cutting-edge documentary films that helped to impeach President Bill Clinton.

John is also the author of Earth’s Two-Minute Warning: Today’s Bible-Predicted Signs of the End Times, with a Foreword written by Dr. Tim LaHaye, a book that was promoted nationwide by Jack Van Impe and Southwest Radio Church. John has also provided research, editorial and ghostwriting services to a variety of Christian leaders including Dr. Charles Stanley, Marlin Maddoux, Alan Keyes and others.

The unapologetically frank and politically incorrect Cadillac Dave books take an unconventional approach to reach a redemptive end. They are currently available at Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore on the North Shore next to the Walnut Street Walking Bridge.


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