Media Attention for Faux Bridges

*Make sure to check out David and author Ray Zimmerman on Tuesday’s This N That on NewsChannel9, as they will be discussing the upcoming (April 15th-17th) Faux Bridges Art & Literature Festival.

*And next Thursday, watch for an interview with David on WRCB’s 3 Plus You.  Kimberly Dawn Clayton will be painting live in the studio!

*1/4 Page ad in the April 7th edition of the Chattanooga Pulse (Southern Lit Conference Issue)

*Michael Crumb article on Faux Bridges in the April 14th edition of the Chattanooga Pulse

…more media announcements to follow.


Nice article in the Friday Times-Free Press…

Faux Bridges festival on the North Shore

On the Southside, the nationally renowned 4 Bridges Festival takes place Saturday and Sunday. On the North Shore, returning for a third year is Faux Bridges, an arts festival that’s gaining a reputation for its fun, folksy atmosphere.

Festival founder David Smotherman, owner of Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore, said the name began as a joke.

Smotherman explained that three years ago, the gallery’s Art ’til Dark art show typically fell on the same weekend as 4 Bridges.

“We kept having people ask if this was ‘the big art show’ and one of our artists joked ‘No, this is Faux Bridges.’ Michael Jenkins made a sign on a piece of cardboard, we put it on a sawhorse and people thought it was hilarious, so the name stuck,” Smotherman said.

According to Smotherman, the folks at AVA, the arts agency that produces 4 Bridges, are good sports about the knockoff.

“I was on the board of AVA; I have a good working relationship with everyone there. I’m a big supporter of 4 Bridges. In fact, we start our show a little later on Sunday because a lot of our artists like to go over and check out 4 Bridges before they come here,” he said.

Just like 4 Bridges is in an open-air pavilion, Faux Bridges is open-air as well — it’s in a parking lot near the Walnut Street Bridge.

Saturday and Sunday’s shows will feature the work of 20 artists. Smotherman describes the variety as “a mini version of 4 Bridges” with folk art, potters, textiles, glass, jewelry (including work by Christina Glidden) and wood items made by Mike Elder of Dunlap, Tenn.

If You Go

What: Faux Bridges Festival

When: Noon-7 p.m. Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Sunday.

Where: Parking lot at the end of the Walnut Street Bridge beside Frazier Avenue.

Admission: Free.

The 3rd Annual Faux Bridges Art Festival is this weekend!

Saturday, April 17th–Noon to 7pm

Sunday, April 18th–Noon to 6pm

Frazier Avenue @ the north end of the Walnut Street Bridge

(in the parking lot adjacent to Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore, 40 Frazier Avenue)

Some of the artists scheduled to appear include: Suzan and Charles Buckner, Whitney Jones, Aunt Deb and Nicole Thurman (the Tangerina’s), Lynda Buckels-Stephens, Christina Glidden, Daniel Johnson, Carl and Lynn Pendergrass, Gary Keeble, Patrick Ironwood, Marissa Harlin, Jeff and Rebecca Hiatt, Ann Clark, Claude Miller, Karen Reinert, Steve and Audry Kennedy, Mike Elder.

Dates are set for the 2nd Annual Faux Bridges Art Festival!

Mark your calendars folks, the 2nd Annual Faux Bridges Art Festival is scheduled for April 18th and 19th, 2009…in our favorite parking lot down on the NorthShore next to Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art.

Yes Virginia, Chattanooga is in fact big enough to hold simultaneous art shows, so we will once agin ride on the coat tails of the nationally acclaimed 4 Bridges Art Festival and milk it for all it’s worth!